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Executive Director Report

GACA dues are now $65. Congratulations to the Hall of Fame inductees for 2019. Pamela Carter-Cheer, Dwight Hochstetler-Football, Matt Troutman and Dr. Aaron "Pete" Geter-Basketball, Bobby Howard-Baseball. Special Awards was presented to: A. Nicholas Brown Jr.-...

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2019 GHFCA Board Members!

The purpose of the GHFCA as a division of the GACA exist to provide a voice for Head Football Coaches and the Governance and Administration of High School Football in the State of Georgia. The GHFCA is to maintain the highest possible standards in football and the...

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Join the GHFCA

The cost to join the GHFCA is $100.00 for the 2019-2020 School Year. This includes your GACA membership and all benefits provided by the GACA.   Sign up for the GHFCA today, CLICK HERE.

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GACA North South All Star Football Classic NOMINATIONS are now OPEN — NOMINATE HERE

GACA Junior Softball All Star NOMINATIONS are now OPEN — NOMINATE HERE

GACA All Star Junior Volleyball Game, November 16th. Be sure to nominate your All Star PlayersNOMINATE HERE


Deadline for member coaches to order region and state championship plaques.
Football-January 14, 2020
Cheer-December 16, 2019
Softball – November 26, 2019 
Volleyball-December 2, 2019
Cross Country-December 2, 2019


GACA Wrestling Clinic

Hampton Inn & Suites Macon I-75 North

3954 River Place Drive, Macon, GA, USA

(Changed) Date/Time: view map

Sat Oct 26, 2019 9:00am – 5:00pm Eastern TimeFree to GACA Members.


The GACA Basketball Clinic will be in the Spring to better serve the needs of our Membership.  More details will be provided at a later Date.


2020 Award Winners to be recognized at Hall of Fame banquet May 30, 2020 in Dalton, Ga.

  • Corky Kell Award-Larry Allen from Milledgeville

  • Dwight Keith Award- Mac McWhorter, retired

  • Sam Burke Award- Michael Nelson, Riddell

  • Beverly Sanders Raines Award- Dewey Sexton from Tift Co.

  • Lee Murray Award- J. B . Arnold, Jefferson Co. High

  • Lifetime Achievement Award- Eddie Ashley, Past GACA President

  • Nike Coach of the Year- Ron Gartrell, Stephenson High.


All GACA dues are now $65 per coach.


Nominate your Junior All Star Volleyball Player TODAY! NOMINATE HERE.

Nominate your volleyball players for the GACA Volleyball All-Star game November 16, 2019 at Westside High School in Macon, Georgia.


Practice Tips to keep Coaches and young participants safe:
1. Promote fairness, confront and deal with bullying
2. Treat all athletes fairly and with respect.
3. Never push an athlete against their will.
4. Never reduce an athlete to tears as a form of control


The GACA is proud to announce its partnership with MaxPreps!  Our partnership will be selecting a “Coach of the Week” from Fall, Winter, and Spring Sports 2019-2020!  Please update your MaxPreps Team information Today and SUBMIT your nomination!  The Coach of the Week in Football, Softball, Cross Country or Cheer will be announced each Monday beginning Monday August 26, 2019!


There is a lot of conversation about adding another dead period to the summer. The GACA needs to know what is your opinion, and if you are in favor of adding the extra week when would you prefer. Call or e-mail our office.


The GACA would like to welcome SportsYou to our family. This is a free app that you need to put on your phone so you may see what is happening with the GACA and also a better way of communication with the GACA, your coaching staff, players, and parents. If you want more information please call our office 770-578-6366. Download your APP HERE – It’s FREE.


The GACA would like to officially welcome MaxPreps as a new corporate sponsor.



The GHSA has many difficult decisions to make each year. As executive director of the GACA I have a vote.   Please do not hesitate to contact me by phone or e-mail and voice your opinion on upcoming issues.


Sign up for the GHFCA today, CLICK HERE.


The GACA is proud to announce that the Georgia National Guard will be the sponsor of the North-South All-Star Football Classic for 2019.



All student teachers in your school can join the GACA and be covered by the liability insurance. Please tell your administrators. You can never have enough protection as a teacher and coach.



New Membership Option Announced for Retired Coaches

GACA announced a new $30.00 dues offer to all Retired Coaches. We
know that many of you would like to stay involved with our association.
By becoming a member you can join us at our summer conference/retreat.

Please join and keep the GACA the best coaches organization in America. If
you have any ideas for activities please let us know.

Bobby McAllister
Executive Director











NOCAD Leadership,

As you know, NOCAD and The Jason Foundation are working together to spread
awareness of the terrible tragedy of youth suicide.  They have provided us
with an article that can be utilized in your various publications and
communication (magazines, newsletters, email blasts, etc..).  If you would
like something shorter or need additional information, feel free to reach
out to Brett directly at<>.
 He will be able to provide you whatever it is that you may need.  If this
is something that you are unable to use, I urge you to read it for the
content.  It may contain information that you can use in another avenue.



Athletes Are Not Immune to Suicidal Thoughts
By Brett Marciel
Director of Public Relations, The Jason Foundation, Inc.

Suicide is currently the second leading cause of death for middle school, high school, and college aged youth in our nation. We average losing more than 130 young people (10 – 24) to suicide each week. The good news is that suicide is preventable.
While it has been noted that student-athletes are less prone to suicidal thoughts and actions, they are by no means immune to the trials and tribulations that all young people experience. The social stigma associated with mental illness, suicide, and seeking help is lessening, but there is still work to be done. There is a culture prevalent across the country where seeking help for emotional or mental distress is looked down upon.
It is imperative that we recognize when a young person may be struggling with thoughts of suicide. Encouraging help seeking behavior and knowing where to go for professional assistance is of utmost importance. Suicide rates are the highest that they have been in more than 40 years, but we can make a difference. The relationships young people have with their peers, parents, and coaches are vital to their mental well-being. Having a strong support structure can deter suicide attempts in youth.
This was one of the core reasons why the National Organization of Coaches Association Directors (NOCAD) and The Jason Foundation began an affiliation in 2016. Through our collaboration, we have the potential to make a profound impact on the national public health issue of youth suicide. As a coach, you are in a unique position to have a lasting impact on the student-athletes in which you come into contact with on a regular basis.
Many times, young people today play sports year-round with little to no off-season. This instills a feeling of being part of something bigger than themselves. The effects of belonging to a team can strengthen the support system around a young person. Having this feeling of inclusiveness has been seen as a protective factor when it comes to suicidal thoughts. Alternatively, the loss of this perceived identity can have a major, negative impact on a person. We need to be acutely aware of when a young person may lose this feeling of belonging.
This loss may be a result of injury, not being able to play, poor performance, a loss of playing time or starting position, or a myriad of other factors. These situations can lead a young person to lose their identity as part of a team and could be detrimental to their mental stability. Coaches should be aware of what resources are available for student-athletes. Guidance and counseling centers/services are great places to start if you suspect a young person may be experiencing a difficult time.
The Jason Foundation, Inc. (JFI) is a nationally recognized leader in youth suicide prevention and awareness. Our mission is to provide programs and resources for students, educators, and parents to help recognize and assist young people who may be struggling with thoughts of suicide. The Jason Foundation has never charged any school, district, teacher, or coach for the use of any of our programs or materials.
Through the affiliation between NOCAD and The Jason Foundation, you have access to a wealth of information that can be utilized in your professional and personal life. Visit our website,, to learn more about our affiliation with NOCAD, the programs available through this affiliation, and how you can become involved in suicide prevention.

New Membership policy for school year 2019-2020.

All memberships are now $65 per coach.

Membership begins August 1, 2019-ends July 31, 2020.

GACA / MaxPreps Coach of the Week

Congratulations to our Coaches of the Week.  

See winners here.

Welcome to our new listings of relevant camps and clinics that GACA Members may like to attend. If you have a camp or clinic you would like to promote, contact Asst Exec Director Craig Davis for particulars:











If you are having a camp(s) this year, it is very IMPORTANT to read this notification:

Participant Accident Insurance Notice

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