Our Mission

Our purpose is to provide the coaches of Georgia the means to improve their skills and techniques in working with the youth of Georgia and to dedicate themselves to the highest ideals of competitive interscholastic athletes.

Our Mission

Through an awards system, we recognize coaches and others who have brought honor to themselves, their schools, and others through outstanding accomplishments in athletics.


The Georgia Athletic Coaches Association sends our sympathy to the family of Isiah Andrews. He was a past president of the GACA and was an outstanding coach and a shining example to many young men.
The GACA would like to welcome Riddell as the official sponsor of the North/South Football Classic in Columbus, Georgia on December 30, 2016.
 Thank you for all who took advantage of the early bird special. If you haven’t received your membership card, it is being processed and will be to you soon.
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Attention Football Coaches:

If you have a nomination for the GACA all-star football game in Columbus,
Ga. on December 30, 2016 please register them here. REGISTER HERE


Attention Soccer, Volleyball, and Lacrosse coaches: The GACA will have all-star games in Soccer, Volleyball, and Lacrosse at the summer conference on St. Simons Island in June of 2017. Coaches must be a member of the GACA to coach in the games and for the players to participate. Please e-mail your information to gaca@elberton.net and we will invoice you for your membership. Information about the conference and games will be announced in a few weeks.



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