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JOB SUMMARY: The Middle School Athletic Director oversees all Middle School interscholastic activities and related personnel. This includes overseeing student-athletes, coaches, auxiliary personnel, and sporting games, events, ceremonies and facilities. The position is also responsible for maintaining athletic compliance and proper public relations to all stakeholders. The Middle School Athletic Director assists with Middle School Athletic Faculty evaluations and Middle School Health and Physical Education TKES assessments. The position creates and oversees budgets for the Middle School athletic department.

MAJOR RESPONSIBILITIES: Leadership and Evaluation 1. Oversee and manage all athletic personnel Responsible for the evaluation of coaches. Organize meetings with coaching staff to ensure compliance, practice, and procedures. Maintain working relationship with principal, coordinators and Director of Athletics. Suggest ways to the principal and Director of Athletics ways in which the district athletic program can be improved. Communicates regularly with the MS principal keeping them informed of athletic progress, direction, difficulties, etc. Recommend coaching assignments and supplements to MCS Director of Athletics. Work collaboratively with Principal, Director of Athletics, and Varsity Head Coach throughout the selection and hiring process of MS coaches. Manage budget and make purchase requests for department. Train new staff and provide guidance for all staff. 2. Public Relations Respond to public concerns regarding MS athletics. Maintain active communication with the community at-large. Promote MS Athletic achievements via public communications and social media.

Ensure clear communication of all MS Athletic schedules to parents and community members, including tryouts, practices and games Coordinate Special Functions related to athletics (such as Recognition Ceremonies). Approve the use of MS athletic facilities for outside organizations. Management and Organization 1. Coordinate and supervise athletic events. Coordinate the maintenance of athletic facilities. Manage all auxiliary personnel brought in for events. Maintain Middle School athletics calendar. Assign supervision for MS Athletic contests. Attend and help supervise HS Varsity Football contests at Northcutt Stadium. Oversee finances related to MS Athletics (gate receipts, deposits, expenses) Ensure protocols are followed for use of equipment and facility. 2. Ensure Athletic Compliance Serve as liaison between the Middle School programs and the Director of Athletics. Maintain all academic eligibility records. Review annual Athletic handbook. Oversee school-wide adherence to MCS Board Policy with regard to disciplinary issues and eligibility issues involving MS athletics.