Coach ,

 At this time your Membership is $55.00 per Coach. 

 YOUR SIGNIN information is: (Please note: you were sent this information last year. You may want to search for this letter, it will have your sign in information included.)

Your Email Address: 

GACA Account Password:  If you cannot find your password – contact

Your GACA membership renewal is available at…RENEWAL PROCESS . Please read instructions below.

When you log in, you will see a list of previous membership from your school. We realize some of this info could be dated but you can easily update – add and delete your roster, then generate an invoice for the 2021-2022 school year.


ADD NEW COACHES – Simply click on Add Personnel — the form is self explanatory, just be aware there are REQUIRED fields including the coach’s email address.


EDIT EXISTING COACHES – Click on the edit icon next to the coach’s name. From hear you can change any of the fields for your coaches. We do ask you update the SPORT they will be involved in this season. Also, keep the email address up to date.


DELETE COACHES – Click on the edit button. At the bottom you will see a DELETE ACCOUNT button.


SELECT ELIGIBLE PERSONNEL –  Here is where you will put a check mark (click box) next to the names of the coaches who will be included in your invoice.


GENERATE INVOICE – When you are finished marking eligible personnel, click GENERATE INVOICE, it will bring up a screen for you to double check the invoice before it is finalized. When you click FINALIZE you are done. From here you will receive an email from GACA with the invoice attached for you to print for payment.

IF YOU ARE A HEAD FOOTBALL COACH- You have the opportunity to join the Georgia Head Football Coaches Association- GFCA. You must be a Head Football Coach and a GACA Member.  The cost to join the GFCA is $80.00 for the 2021-2022 School Year.  This includes your GACA membership and all benefits provided by the GACA and GFCA.

Your GACA membership renewal is available at…RENEWAL PROCESS .

Thank You

Debbie Stephens

Executive Assistant 


PO BOX 1120

Jesup, Ga 31598