Georgia High School Weightlifting Competition

State Weightlifting Championships
Hiram High School
March 18, 2017

Where: Hiram High School – Main Gym

When: March 18, 2017

Contact Info: Chris Brown – 404-348-7470

Ben Mount – 706-237-1965

Entry Fee: $200 for a team of 30. Each team should consist of 3 entries per weight class. If you have less than 10 entries, it is $20 per lifter. Please make checks payable to Hiram Hornets Football.

Registration: A list of names and weights of entries are due by March 13, 2017. Entries can be emailed to

Weigh Ins: Weigh Ins will start at 9:00 am. Any athlete who does not make the weight of entry will be bumped up to the next qualifying weight. If there are 3 entries already designated at that weight, the coach will need to designate the 3 scorers for team points at the new weight.

Competition: Athletes will get 3 lifts on Bench Press and Power Clean. Competition will start at 10:00.
Weight Classes: Under 140 lbs 150 lbs 160 lbs 170 lbs 180 lbs
190 lbs 205 lbs 225 lbs 245 lbs Above 245

Dress: All athletes are to be dressed in proper weight lifting attire, preferably with team logo. No body suits, wraps, braces, unless accompanied by a Doctors note.

Team Scoring:1st Place = 10 points 2nd Place = 8 points 3rd Place = 6 points
4th Place = 4 points 5th Place = 2 points 6th Place = 1 point

Hospitality Room: There will be a hospitality room for all coaches.

Concession Stand: Concessions will be open for the event. Drinks, candy, grilled cheese, and a variety of breakfast items will be available.

Admissions: $5 Kids under 8 are free.

Awards: Top 3 lifters per weight per lift will receive medals. Team trophies for the top 3 teams per classification.

Tee Shirts will be available for purchase on site.